Yes, I'm a photographer Yes, I use a camera to create, design, and even shock! I see the finished image even before you step in front of my camera and know what you desire ......

I've done everything I was told I supposed to do and wasn't me......wasn't my life, only thing that was a constant was my passion, my purpose, my addiction to this life and creating!

Who am I? Bourbon lover, think cigars are sexy, go with my gut, took a risk packed up and moved, refuse to grow old, sweet but not so innocent, finally living, feeling, doing this thing we call LIFE!





“"Thank you so much! as I went through these photos.......I saw the incredible gift you have!!
Girl, I have been modeling for 40 years and I have never seen such talent....brings tears to my eyes.....because you are such a beautiful person with such a beautiful talent!!"
"I have shot with photographers all of my are the best of the best!"”

—Nicole Gearing

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